Destroy Prosperity Killers Now


“And observe what the LORD your God requires: Walk in obedience to Him, and keep His decrees and commands, His laws and regulations, as written in the Law of Moses. Do this so that you may prosper in all you do and wherever you go”
(1 Kings 2:3)




Today, as we move forward into our harvest season, I know many of you are still waiting for your miracle, for your favor. You sometimes think that you are forsaken. But I tell you now, today you will think differently. Because you are the best candidate for the miracle of our Lord. If you are still looking for your miracle, if you are still looking for your favor, I tell you, today you will receive your miracle! Because you are the best candidate. Right now, an angel is wiping out your bad credits. You will be cleared of your debts.

I’ve come to share with you my eBook titled Secrets to Receiving Godly Wealth. God has been ministering to me as we have come to the last quarter of 2019 and moving into the prophetic year of 2020. You are the best candidate for elevation. But in order for you to elevate, there are some prophetic secrets about prosperity that I’ve come to release unto you. This is a very serious book that the Lord has told me to release unto you. In this book, I release:

-Prosperity (meaning)
-Does GOD want us to prosper?
-Why does GOD want us to prosper?
-Some notable Biblical characters / individuals who were extremely wealthy
-Evil killers / attackers of wealth and prosperity
-How to achieve wealth
-Biblical ways of preserving your wealth
-Prophetic prayers and instructions to cancel debt


Hear me my Beloved, you are the best candidate for the miracle of the Lord. But, you must get all the prophetic instructions for Cancelling Poverty, Cancelling Debt, and Breaking the Spirit of the Midianites NOW! I’m releasing all the secrets, all of the instructions that you must do surrounding the Day of the Week you were Born.

Quickly, my Beloved, click here to receive about all my Prophetic Instructions and listen to my audio prayer.  I want to place in your hands:

1. Secrets to Receiving Godly Wealth eBook
2. Breaking the Spirit of Midianites audio prayer

God bless you.

You are too anointed to be disappointed,




Prophet Daniel Amoateng
The Prophet Who Sees

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