DECLARE with me today, “I am Blessed and Highly Favored!”

7 “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”
James 4:7 NIV

Have you found yourself dealing with the sadness of not knowing what to do lately? Do you feel like you’ve been praying and asking for answers, but God is silent?

Everything is down, your family, your career and even your relationship. You feel like there’s nothing going in your favor. As a Shepherd, I listen to what God directs me to do. I’m writing this message today to remind you to lift it up to God. Lift all the struggles in your life to God and He will erase all your worries. You will be free from any curse of witchcraft that is causing you this sadness. All your fears and all of your doubts, lift it up to Him because nothing is impossible with God.

My beloved, you are highly favored in God’s eye! Tell God what’s on your heart, what you desire and what you want the most. Do not ask how, just have faith because nothing is bigger than our God!

Listen, when people can’t contain your personality, they will try all possible ways to undermine you and tarnish your image, but God has the power to prove them wrong. God will cause your adversaries to be ashamed. Character assassination, scandals and misquotes are some of the tools used by the enemy to always bring people down. I prophetically declare and pray that the Lord God, who proved Himself strong on the side of Elisha, will decide in your favor.

Declare this three times, in faith:

Declare, “I am greatly blessed and highly favored!”
Declare, “I am greatly blessed and highly favored!”
Declare, “I am greatly blessed and highly favored!” 

As a Prophet of God, I declare that today, you will receive your greatest miracle. You will receive your greatest favor as I rebuke the negative curses over your life.

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