Midianite Spirit

In the Bible, in Judges 6, the Midianites, anytime the people of Israel saw and they got harvest, the Midianites went to take away their harvest. That is a serious spirit. If you can see, sometimes you make money. When you make money, something will happen and you lose the money. Anytime you make money, some way or another, you loose it. Money never stays in your pocket. If this is you, that is a very serious spirit that you must break prophetically!

Breaking the spirit of the Midianites, you may ask, “What is the Midianites?” That is when “Money comes, doesn’t stay.” You get money. Money comes to your hands, but it doesn’t stay long, it doesn’t succeed. You’ve made a lot of money but there is nothing to show for it, it’s called the Spirit of the Midianites.

Prophetic Instructions:

Message Prophet Daniel your total debts by completing the form below. Every debt that you owe, from student loan, from credit cards, all of it. Send Prophet Daniel the sum total. When you send it to Prophet Daniel, follow the instructions after you submit the form and you will get an audio prayer specifically for this spirit.


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