Be part of the Church Building Expansion in Ghana

“God will do everything for you and no purpose of God can be thwarted.”

Job Chapter 42:2

I’m writing this letter because commitment has been on my spirit for some weeks now. Most people know what commitment is, but rarely do they put it to action, especially when challenges arise. When you commit to something, it should be carried out until it is done or until the vow has been fulfilled and completed. Has anything challenged your commitment lately?

Beloved, do not worry. The Lord said to remind you, “Just as the Lord committed Himself to His people, so must we commit ourselves to God.” We must commit ourselves to this act in order to fulfill His good purpose. 

Listen, even your Prophet is challenged often. When God commissions me to do something for the people of God, sometimes I think to myself, “Oh God, how can we accomplish this vision?” The Lord reminded me, “I’ve given my people everything they need.”

So, I’m writing to you today as our fellow brothers and sisters in Ghana need our support. We are currently expanding our church, the Power of Worship International, Testimony City, Accra, Ghana by the grace of God! Just as the Lord gave me this assignment on earth, I want you to take the opportunity to help our beloved partners in faith. As I am committed to the Lord and as we raise our faith, I want you to show your commitment and serve the Lord, our God.

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I want you to be a part of this BREAKTHROUGH, and together we shall receive the BLESSINGS from God. Join me as we build together The House of God and serve Him. You and your faith seed I know, will be a great part of this DREAM.

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