Back to School Prophetic Prayers and Declarations

God bless you for connecting with this prophetic ministry, Daniel Amoateng Ministries. Before I begin to share with you the prophetic message about back to school and education, you are invited to:

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There is a mighty Word from the Lord concerning the school season. As a Prophet of God, I’m bringing you powerful back to school prayers so that in this season of education for your life, this academic year, either you or anybody connected to you that is going to school as they received these prayers and declarations, they will be successful. They will have success in Jesus name. In addition to the prophetic prayers, you are getting the audio prophetic prayer with prophetic directions and God will take over, in Jesus name. There are 7 blessings that the Lord told me to release to you.

Hear me, God is preserving your life and blessing you with wisdom and knowledge this school season.  If God had not made Noah to come out after 40 days, he and his family would have died, because the waters we’re still on the land. Most of you, where you are now, that you think God has forgotten about you, He has not forgotten about you, but He is preserving your life. God is pushing you to some things right now that is delivering your life. He is showing you some things, some knowledge that is going to preserve your life.

When you are in class and you think the professor is taking too long, or the time is going slow, like Noah, have faith because God is preserving your life this season. It’s a season of knowledge and education. It’s a season of increase.

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