Angel of Safety Release.. Receive 1st Letter Now

I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.”
Exodus 23:20

My beloved, I am always praying for you. Life is better when you focus your attention on God. God has placed a prophet in your life to speak a prophetic word concerning your future. As God’s prophet, I want to let you know that your fight is not against flesh and blood. The enemy is against you because you know that the Holy Spirit is a miracle worker. You can always sense when the Holy Spirit is doing something different in your life. The enemy starts pulling out every trick in the bag. But we thank God for his angels on assignment. We thank God for his angels of safety surrounding you when you sleep and when you are awake.

Hear me, the supernatural Spirit of God is in full operation for you in this season. Continue to stand and watch your deliverance show up, your healing manifest and your breakthrough emerge. Whatever you do under the anointing of this letter, do not shrink and do not back down, because your destiny is BIGGER than the enemy’s attacks. Do you feel that? Do you feel that peace surrounding you right now? It’s the ANGEL OF SAFETY.

Stop whatever you are doing right now and pray this prayer:

“Holy Spirit, thank you for being concerned about me and my family. I know that the crooked paths are being made straight. Thank you for delivering us out of the clutches of the enemy. I am so thankful and humbled by Your love and grace. Thank you for restoring my finances and healing my family members. You are awesome and for that I give you praise!”

My beloved, I need to hear from you today, because the word that I have in my mouth for you and for your family is going to change your life. I refuse to allow the enemy to walk all over you and your family and cause you to believe that life does not get any better than this! I want to challenge you to download the 1st of 3 Prophetic Angel of Safety Letters, on behalf of your family, because God says you and your family will enjoy long life!

My child of God, I am a prophet who sees. I come to speak life in dead places. Whatever your family has been suffering in this season, God has sent the prophet to break it and an ANGEL OF SAFETY to cover you. Here me, don’t worry! Don’t cry! Don’t have another sad day! Safety has been released, in Jesus’ Name!

Download the 1st of 3 Prophetic Angel of Safety Letters now and immediately declare, “I RECEIVE MY SAFETY”


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I See A Spirit of Setback

You’ve been in the spirit of setback because of what you’ve been naming it. My Beloved, you have the ability to name your circumstances, your situations and your dilemmas. It’s what you are naming it and how you are naming it that is causing your setbacks. This season, God is giving you the power to rename the situation that has been tormenting you. I want you to send me (4) things that you need to rename in your life.