The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”
Genesis 2:18 NIV


One of the revelations the Lord revealed to me while in prayer is that He is performing miracles for relationships. Beloved, for you who are seeking God for relationship favor, I’ve come to declare that we are about to enter into serious prayer and declarationfor happiness in marriages, for God to locate spouses, for bad relationship associations to be removed, and for any negative spiritual relationship connection to be broken.

My Beloved, as I closed my eyes, I saw the angels of the Lord surrounding you and going before you to work in your favor.

There is an angel assigned to your life, and the Lord is using that angel to perform miracles for your relationship.

Maybe you are tired of being alone…
Maybe you are tired of trying to fix your relationship…
Maybe you are tired of betrayal and tired of hoping that something will change…

My Beloved, I feel there is a spirit of fear working against you; it comes whenever you begin to fall in love and it has been bothering you many times. Don’t worry, this is the time that your situation will be changed!

As you move in faith right now, I am activating the Angel of Love to release happiness in marriages, to help locate spouses, for bad friendship associations to be removed, and for any negative spiritual relationship connections to be broken.

Do not take relationships lightly, Beloved. Good and long-lasting relationships don’t just happen in an instant, they require continuous effort.

My Beloved, work hard on your relationships and God will grant you favor. Don’t stop praying and take time to study the Word of God. The Word gives us light and a sense of direction. It will help you mend a broken heart, and lead you to the right people to start new and positive relationships.

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