24 HR Deliverance from Evil Traps

“We escaped like a bird from a hunter’s trap.
The trap is broken, and we are free!”
Psalm 124:7 NLT


I said to myself that I have been teaching and praying to the people of God about the Hunter’s Trap for many weeks, I am finished. But, as I said this to myself, God whispered to me: “Daniel, you must write again. You must not stop!”

I asked God, why? The prophets and I have prayed. We have released prophetic instructions. But, God said, there are some people who still need deliverance from evil traps. There are people connected to you, my Beloved, who you must intercede for. There are people very close to you who are suffering because of the Hunter’s Trap and IT MUST BE CANCELLED.

They are always borrowing money from you.
They always come to you sad. Nothing can make them happy for a long time.
They are fighting with some family members.
They don’t have any direction for their life.

The enemy is fighting them with the Hunter’s Trap. But, hear me, God is delivering. As you move quickly to sow your 24 HOUR Deliverance Miracle Faith Seed, a miracle is happening for them because of your faith.

We will not end this month and the person you are thinking of continue in the Hunter’s Trap. As a Prophet of God, the Hunter’s Trap is cancelled in Jesus’ name.

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When I finish dealing with THE SPIRIT OF THE HUNTER’S TRAP, I will release OIL. As a Prophet of God, I decree that the anointing and grace of God covers you, all the days of your life ..

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