2017: My Year Of Unending Testimonies

“You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the people.”
Psalm 77:14 (NIV)

When the Spirit of God comes over your life, bad news becomes a matter of the past. Bad news will not survive in your vocabulary again. It will not be in your dictionary anymore. I declare as a Prophet of God, I take away bad news from your phone, bad news from your email. Listen, there are many people in your life who are always used to bad news so anytime they hear good news they think it’s a lie. But the Lord says, “You’re about to get used to good news!” 

Our Lord is a Lord of miracles. You may be experiencing hardship right now, but I came here to tell you today, it’s time to rejoice! Because our Lord is a Lord of miracles. Click here and sow your Unending Testimonies seed of $39.00 and Receive Powerful Prophetic Declarations and Instructions audio and scroll

Jesus was able to heal bodies, diseases and even bring people back from the dead. The Lord had power over the physical universe. All that the Lord did in the physical realm was to help us learn who He was in the spiritual realm. Every one of these miracles had a physical result, but they can be used to teach us about a God in Heaven who wants to have a relationship with man. Through Jesus Christ, God revealed Himself to us.

 We can put our faith and trust in the power of the Lord for our eternal lives as well as our temporal ones. Click here and sow your Unending Testimonies seed of $39.00 and Receive Powerful Prophetic Declarations and Instructions audio and scroll
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I See A Spirit of Setback

You’ve been in the spirit of setback because of what you’ve been naming it. My Beloved, you have the ability to name your circumstances, your situations and your dilemmas. It’s what you are naming it and how you are naming it that is causing your setbacks. This season, God is giving you the power to rename the situation that has been tormenting you. I want you to send me (4) things that you need to rename in your life.